6x200 Rules

  1. The 6x200 is organised by Audax Randonneurs Grece (ARG) and only ARG members under the age of 18 can participate. For more information to become an ARG member please click here.
  2. No qualification brevets required for someone to participate to the 6x200 event. All the participants should be in good physical and mental health in order to finish within the time limits. We strongly recommend the participants to be experienced cyclists in long randonnee events.
  3.         Riders limit is 80 persons for those who will choose the full package. We also accept riders who wish to participate in individual brevets or in all the 6 brevets of the serie (standard package). For further information regarding the registration packages please see the register page.
  4.      In Sunday 7th August, there will be a return bus to Athens with a special carrier for bikes, only for those who will choose the return bus option during the registration process. The transport cost per person, will be determined on the day of return, depending on the number of people who will board the bus.
  5.          The brevets conducted on roads open to traffic and the participants must respect the local traffic laws.
  6.          All the participants must wear an approved cyclist helmet during the whole duration of the event.
  7.           The bikes must be well-maintained and in good working order for the safety of all the participants.
  8.         All the bikes must have front and rear lights and should be in good working order. Front and rear light must be visible by other road users from a distance of 100 and 150 meters respectively.
  9.          During night or in low loght conditions all the riders must wear a reflecrive vest that meet the requiremens of ΕΝ 1150 or ΕΝ 471. Reflective belts are not allowed. Any other reflective element in hands and/or in legs is recommended but not mandatory.
  10.       All the riders should carry on their bike a reflective vest as mentioned above during the whole duration ef the event, even in daytime.
  11.       Participants without reflective vest, front and rear lights will not allowed to start.
  12.          Support vehicles are forbidden. Only in the finish point are allowed. 
  13.        All the participants should ride safely and respect the other road users and the applicable traffic laws.
  14.    .   Each participant is solely responsible for in time transport of his/her baggage in the organisation van every day, before the start of every brevet. The organizers, the volunteers and the Audax Randonneurs Grece are not liable if a participant does not put the bagage in the van and he/she must find a way to transport the baggage to the finish point with his/her own expense if necessary.
  15.       In case of retirement, the participant must inform the organizer or the volunteers and to arrange his/her return back to the starting point.
  16.       Any violation of the rulles will result the immediate disqualification of the participant.